Creationism Pages by Joe Meert

1. Roasting Adam- Rapid Decay presents serious problems for young earth

2. Crefaqs.htm- Common Questions and discussions with creationists

3. Intelligent Design?- What exactly are an intelligent designer's characteristics?

4. Northrups Failed Flood Model.- Bernard Northrup proposes a flawed flood model.

5. Walt Brown's Pseudodebate: Walt Brown claims no one will debate him.  Is this true or simply a set-up to lend credence to his 'hydroplate hypothesis'?

6. Paleosols and the Flood: A discussion about paleosols present in the midst of a flood.
6b.  A Response to Tas Walker's critique of this page.

7. R.A.T.E. Report: ICR's flawed research program in radioactive decay

8. Consistent Radiometric Ages: Evidence that radiometric dating does work well.

9. Depth of the Oceans:Problems with Baumgardner's rapid drift model.

10. A response to the creation model of Barry Setterfield: This one is not only extra-biblical, but lacking in scientific rigor.

11. Is the Earth's Magnetic Field Young?:   A reply to the claims of Russ Humphreys.

10. My Home on the Web