Welcome to the Webpage of Dr. Joseph Meert
Professor of Geology
Updated 19 July  2013

Welcome to my home page.  Our research is focused broadly on the interval of geologic time from the Mesoproterozoic (~1200 Ma) through the earliest Paleozoic (~490 Ma).  I use paleomagnetism and geochronology to trace the history of continents during that time period (particularly the continents making up Gondwana).  We also examine the relationship between plate configuration, paleoclimate and the evolution of life on earth.  Past and current projects have covered vastly different parts of the globe (Laurentia, Baltica, Urals, Eastern Africa, southwest Africa, Madagascar, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia).    We are always interested in attracting new graduate students.

Current Graduate/Undergraduates in the Meert Group

Douglas Buren (M.S. Student- 2014)- TBA
Xuxuan Ma (Ph.D. Student-2014)- Visiting Scholar China
Donald Waechter (B.S. Student 2013): TBD
Huiru Xu (Ph.D. Student-2015): Visiting Scholar China (Dec 2013-Dec 2014)
Xiaobei Zhao (Ph.D. Student 2015): Visiting Scholar China (Sep 2013-Jan 2014)

Recent Students

Sadie Belica (M.S. 2012): Paleomagnetism and Geochronology of Mafic dykes Dharwar Craton (Now Ph.D. student Western Australia)
Candler Turner (M.S. 2012): Geochronology of the Marwar Supergroup and Upper Vindhyan Supergroup (Employed Bartow Florida)
Matt Celestino (B.S. 2012): Geochronology of Mafic Dykes (now M.S. Student University of Buffalo)
Bud Davis (B.S. 2012)-Paleomagnetism of the Marwar Supergroup India; (now Seeking Ph.D. UT Austin)
Vimal Pradhan (Ph.D. 2011)- Paleomagnetism and Geochronology of Indian Dykes. (Now at Sunburst Consulting)
Nikki Cundiff (B.S. Student 2010)- Paleomagnetism and Geochronology of Malani Dykes
Laura Gregory (MS 2009)- Malani dykes and Majhgawan Kimberlite (see pubs). completed Ph.D. at Oxford University-2012
Shawn Malone (MS 2008)- Paleomagnetism of the Bhander-Rewa Groups India. Completed Ph.D. at the University of Iowa-2013
Jessica Yff (BS 2007)- Dzabkhan Volcanic rocks
(Completed M.Sc. at University of Northern Arizona)

News from Our Research Group


Meert, J.G., Gibsher, A.S., Levashova, N.M., Grice, W.C. and Kamenov, G.D., 2011. Glaciation and ~770 Ma Ediacara (?) Fossils from the Lesser Karatau Microcontinent, Kazakhstan. Gondwana Research, 19, 867-880. pdf of proofs.

Earth: Making of a Planet: National Geographic Television (Meert was Consultant)

1. Ongoing Projects

EAR11-19038 National Science Foundation (Tectonics): Ediacaran Paleomagnetism and geochronology of eastern Baltica: A key to paleogeography and climatic history of the Continent (with Russian colleagues Natalia Levashova, Andrey Maslov, Dmitriy Grazhdankin, Victor Puchkov).

2. Recently Completed Projects

EAR04-09101: The Assembly of East Gondwana: A Proterozoic Perspective from India
EAR05-08597: Paleomagnetism of Neoproterozoic to Lower Paleozoic rocks on microcontinents of Central Asia: implicatins for the Precambrian glacial paradox and the amalgamation of Eurasia

EAR09-10888 National Science Foundation (Tectonics): Further Refinement of India's Proterozoic Paleogeography and Geochronology: (co-PI with George Kamenov University of Florida).

3. Projects Submitted for Funding-(Fall 2013 Round)-

National Science Foundation (Tectonics): Assembling India: A view from the Singhbhum Craton and Southern India

4. Recent Publications (2008-2013)


1. Kuznetsov, N., Meert, J.G., Romanyuk, T., Ages of the detrital zircons (U-Pb LA-ICP-MS) from the latest Neoproterozoic-Middle Cambrian(?) Asha Group, the Southern Urals: A testing of an Australia-Baltica connection within the Rodinia supercontinent, Precambrian Research, in press,  pdf of submission.

2. Ma, X., Shu, L., Meert, J.G., Li, J. The northward subduction of the South Tianshan Ocean beneath central Tianshan: Geochemical, Geochronological and Tectonic evidence, Gondwana Research, in press; doi: 10.1016/j.gr.2013.05.015.  pdf of corrected proofs.

3. Pradhan, V.R., Meert, J.G., Levashova, N.M., Gibsher, A.S., Malone, S.J. and Gregory, L.C., 2012.  Geochronologic and paleomagnetic constraints on the Late Neoproterozoic-early Paleozoic volcano-sedimentary units of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt microcontinents, Tectonophysics, under review. pdf of submission.

4. Meert, J.G., Ediacaran-Ordovician paleomagnetism of Baltica: A review, Gondwana Reseach, in press. pdf of corrected proofs.

5. Meert, J.G., Pandit, M.K., Kamenov, G.D.,Further Geochronological and Paleomagnetic Constraints on Malani (and Pre-Malani) Magmatism in NW India , Tectonophysics, in press . pdf of corrected proofs.

6. Davis, J.K., Meert, J.G., Pandit, M.K., Paleomagnetic analysis of the Marwar Supergroup, Rajasthan, India and proposed interbasinal correlations, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, (under review) pdf of submission.

7. Bazhenov, M.L., Van der Voo, R., Meert, J.G., Levashova, N.M., Ipatieva, I.S., Paleomagnetism of Permian thick lava series from East Kazakhstan: preliminary results, Russian Geology and Geophysics, in press.

8. Turner, C.C., Meert, J.G., Pandit, M.K., Kamenov, GD. A detrital zircon U-Pb and Hf isotopic transect across the Son Valley sector of the Vindhyan basin, India: Implications for basin evolution and paleogeography, Gondwana Research, in press, pdf of submission.

9. Levashova, N.M., Bazhenov, M.L., Meert, J.G., Kuznetsov, N., Golovanova, I.V., Danukalov, K.N., Federova, N.M., Baltica in the end-Ediacaran: New paleomagnetic and geochronological data, Precambrian Research, in press, doi: pdf of submission

10. Maslov, A.V., Meert, J.G., Levashova, N.M., Ronkin, Y.L., Grazhdankin, D.V., Kuznetsov, N.B., Krupenin, M.T., Federova, N.M., Ipat’eva, I.S., 2013.  New Constraints for the Age of Vendian Glacial Deposits (Middle Urals),  Doklady Earth Sciences, 449, 322-327. pdf of manuscript

11. Santosh, M., Maruyama, S., Sawaki, Y., Meert, J.G., The Cambrian Explosion: Plume-driven birth of the second ecosystem on Earth, Gondwana Research, in press, doi: pdf of corrected proofs.

12. Federova, N.M., Levashova, N.M., Bazhenov, M.L., Meert, J.G., Sergeeva, N.D., Golovanova, I.V., Danukalov, K.N., Kuznetsov, N.B., Kadyrov, A.F., Khidiyatov, M.M., East European Platform in the end of the Vendian: new paleomagnetic and geochronological results, Russian Geology and Geophysics, in press.

13. Meert, J.G. and Pandit, M.K., Comment: Paleomagnetism of Bhander Sediments from Bhopal Inlier, Vindhyan Supergroup (Venkateshwarlu and Mallikarjuna Rao, 2013, v. 81, pp. 330-336).  Journal of the Geological Society of India, in press.  pdf of submission.

14. Ma, Xuxuan, Shu, L., Meert, J.G., Early Permian slab breakoff in the Chinese Tianshan Belt inferred from post-collisional granitoids, Gondwana Research, in press.

15. Belica, M.E., Meert, J.G., Pandit, M.K., Kamenov, G.D., Paleoproterozoic mafic dyke swarms from the Dharwar craton; constraining paleomagnetic poles at 2.37, 2.21, 2.18 and 1.88 Ga and rethinking the Columbia supercontinent, Precambrian Research, in press.


Meert, J.G., 2012. What's in a name? The Columbia (Palaeopangea/Nuna) Supercontinent., Gondwana Research, 21, 987-993. pdf of submission.

Meert, J.G., 2012.  The Paleogeography of Evolution: Making sense of changing biology and changing continents, Evolution: Education and Outreach special issue,  pdf of submission.

Torsvik, T.H., Van der Voo, R., Preeden, U., MacNiocaill, C., Steinberger, B., Doubrovine, P.V., van Hinsbergen, D.J.J., Domeir, M., Gaina, C., Tohver, E., Meert, J.G., McCausland, P.J.A. and Cocks, R.M., 2012.  Phanerozoic polar wander, palaeogeography and dynamics, Earth Science Reviews, 114, 325-368.  pdf of submission.

Kuznetsov, N.B., Romanyuk, T.V., Shatsillo, A.V., Golovanova, I.V., Danukalov, K.N., Meert, J.G.,  The age of detrital zircons from Asha Group, Southern Ural – verification of idea about the spatial conjugation of Baltica and Australia within the Rodinia Supercontinent
(a positive test of the “Australia Upside Down conception”), Lithosphere, 55, 55-77 (in Russian).

Pradhan, V.R., Meert, J.G., Pandit, M.K., Kamenov, G. and Mondal, E.A., 2011. Tectonic evolution if the Precambrian Bundelkhand craton, central India: Insights from paleomagnetic and geochronologic studies on the mafic dyke swarms, Precambrian Research,198-199, 51-76.  pdf of accepted manuscript.


Pradhan, V.R., Meert, J.G., Pandit, M.K., Kamenov, G. and Mondal, E.A., 2011. Tectonic evolution if the Precambrian Bundelkhand craton, central India: Insights from paleomagnetic and geochronologic studies on the mafic dyke swarms, Precambrian Research (in press) doi:10/1016/j.precamres.2011.11.011.  pdf of accepted manuscript.

Grazhdankin, D.V., Marusin, V.V., Meert, J., Krunpenin, M.T. and Maslvov, A.V., 2011.  Kotlin Regional Stage in the South Urals, Doklady Earth Sciences, 440, 1222-1226pdf of manuscript

Levashova, N., Gibsher, A.S., Meert, J.G. and Grice, W.C., 2011. The Origin of the Central Asian orogenic belt Microcontinents: Constraints from Paleomagnetism and Geochronology, Precambrian Research, 185, 37-54. pdf of accepted manuscript

Levashova, N., Gibsher, A.S. and Meert, J.G., 2011. Precambrian microcontinents of the Ural-Mongol Belt: new paleomagnetic and geochronological data, Geotectonics, 45, 58-79.  pdf of paper.

Meert, J.G., Gibsher, A.S., Levashova, N.M., Grice, W.C. and Kamenov, G.D., 2011. Glaciation and ~770 Ma Ediacara (?) Fossils from the Lesser Karatau Microcontinent, Kazakhstan. Gondwana Research, 19, 867-880. pdf of proofs.

Meert, J.G., Pandit, M.K. and Pradhan, V.R. Kamenov, G.D., 2011. Preliminary report on the Palaeomagnetism of 1.88 Ga dykes from the Bastar and Dharwar cratons, Peninsular India, Gondwana Research, 20, 335-343.  pdf of final submission


Levashova, N., Kalugin, V., Gibsher, A.S., Yff, J., Ryabinin, A.B., Meert, J.G. and Malone, S.J., 2010. The Origin of the Baydaric Microcontinent, Mongolia: Constraints from Paleomagnetism and Geochronology, Tectonophysics, 485, 306-320. pdf of submission.

Pradhan, V.R., Meert, J.G., Pandit, M.K., Kamenov, G., Gregory, L.C. and Malone, S.J., 2010.   India's changing place in global Proterozoic reconstructions: New geochronologic constraints on key paleomagnetic poles from the Dharwar and Aravalli/Bundelkhand cratons, J. Geodynamics Special Issue, 50, 224-242, pdf of proofs.

Razanatseheno, M.O.M., Nedelec, A., Rakotondrazafy, M., Meert, J.G., and Ralison, B., 2010. Four stage building of the Cambrian Carion pluton, in Hutton Special Voume on Granites, 100, 133-145.  pdf of paper.

Meert, J.G., Pandit, M.K., Pradhan, V.R., Banks, J.C., Sirianni, R., Stroud, M., Newstead, B., Gifford, J., 2010. Precambrian Crustal Evolution of Peninsular India: A 3.0 billion year odyssey., J. Asian Earth Sciences, 39. 483-519, pdf of paper.

Tack, L., Wingate, M.T.D., De Waele, B., Meert, J.G., Belousova, E., Griffin, B., Tahon, A. and Fernandez-Alonso, M., 2010. The Mesoproterozoic "Kibaran event" in Central Africa: A 1375 Ma intracratonic emplacement of a Large Igneous Province (LIP),      Precambrian Research, 180, 63-84.  pdf of accepted manuscript.


Gregory, L.C., Meert, J.G., Bingen, B., Pandit, M.K. and Torsvik, T.H., 2009. Paleomagnetism and geochronology of the Malani igneous suite, NW India: Implications for the configuration of Rodinia and the assembly of Gondwana, Precambrian Research, 170, 13-26.  pdf of submission.

Meert, J.G., Pruett, F.D., Merino., E. 2009.  An 'inverse conglomerate' paleomagnetic test and timing of in-situ Terra Rossa formation at Bloomington, Indiana, J. Geology, 117, 126-138.  pdf of submission.


Meert, J.G and Lieberman, B.S., 2008. The Neoproterozoic Assembly of Gondwana and its relationship to the Ediacaran-Cambrian Radiation, Gondwana Research, 14: 5-21.  pdf of submission.

Pradhan, V.R., Pandit, M.K. and Meert, J.G., 2008.  A cautionary note on the age of the paleomagnetic pole obtained from the Harohalli dyke swarms, Dharwar craton, southern India, in Indian Dykes Srivastava et al. (eds), Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi, India, 339-352.  pdf of proofs.

Malone, S.J., Meert, J.G., Banerjee, D.M., Pandit, M.K., Tamrat, E., Kamenov, G., Pradhan, V.R. and Sohl, L., 2008.  Paleomagnetism and detrital zircon geochronology of the Upper Vinhdyan sequence, Son Valley and Rajasthan, India: A 1000 Ma closure age for the Purana basins?, Precambrian Research, 164, 137-159.  pdf of corrected proofs.


Meert, J.G., Walderhaug, H.J., Torsvik, T.H. and Hendricks, B.W.H.  2007. Age and paleomagnetic signature of the Alno Carbonatite complex ( NE Sweden ): Additional Controversy for the Neoproterozoic position of Baltica, Precambrian Research , 154, 159-174. pdf of submission.

Meert, J.G., 2007. Testing the Neoproterozoic glacial models, Gondwana Research, 11, 573-574. pdf of submission.

Goderris, Y., Donnadiue, Y., Dessert, C., Dupre, B., Fluteau, F., Francois, L.M., Meert, J.G., Nedelec, A., Ramstein, G., 2007. Coupled modeling of global carbon cycle and climate in the Neoproterozoic: links between Rodinia breakup and major glaciations, C. R. Geoscience volume 339, 212-222.   pdf of paper.

For a complete list of publications and copies of papers please follow this link.

5. Recently In the News

News and Views Nature Article: pdf of paper

American Chemical Society Article on Judge John E. Jones presentation to GSA 2006 (requires subscription)

National Geographic Discusses our Work on the Vindhyan Basins

6. Current Vitae

January 2013

7. Lab Photos

The UF Paleomagnetic Laboratory
DeGaussian Annex: Auxiliary Lab

8. Gondwana Database (note Database is no longer being updated)

The database was developed with partial  financial support from the National Science Foundation Grant NSF EAR98-05306 to J.G. Meert
Note Database v. 1.0 is superseded by v. 1.1.  The password for the database can be obtained by e-mailing me directly.  Please let me know of any errors or omissions.  I am working on publishing the database on the web as a searchable file.  You can point out errors or add your own new (or old) data into the database by accessing the following form.

9.  Other Organizations/Interests
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10. Contact Information

Joseph Meert
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Department of Geological Sciences
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10.  My Works as Defender of the Old Earth and Evolution